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Greece Won’t Kill CDS, Dodd-Frank Will

(also posted on TabbFORUM.com) Greece is defaulting on its loans. OK, technically, that’s not true. The official version is that Greece’s creditors have agreed to a “voluntary” haircut of 50 percent on the outstanding debt. The word voluntary is key. Because the haircut is technically voluntary, a credit event will not be triggered, which means… Read More »

My conversation with Benchmark Solution's CEO Jim Toffey

Jim Toffey, one of the co-founders of Tradeweb and general e-trading pioneer, is heading up a pretty fascinating new venture. Using ultra sophisticated analytics Benchmark has created a market data service that streams corporate bond and single name CDS prices every 10 seconds even when the instruments haven’t traded in hours (or days or weeks).… Read More »

Barclays Capital Rolls Out Electronic Credit Default Swaps Trading (Wall Street Journal)

Execution and clearing mandates for OTC derivative trades are still nearly a year a way by my estimates, but the Street is already getting ready.  While Deutsche Bank and Bluemountain Capital executed CDS trades through Tradeweb and cleared via the CME and ICE, Barclays was busy rolling out its new electronic CDS trading product for… Read More »