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Information Management – Getting the Message: Middleware Matters

In a study released earlier this month, “U.S. Equity Technology 2010: The Sell Side Perspective,” Tabb Group senior analyst Kevin McPartland noted that all bulge bracket firms are “currently either using some form of hardware acceleration or are investigating its use.” “Third-party middleware products have reached a level of sophistication that the cost required to… Read More »

Wall Street Letter – Equities Trading Industry Tackles Latency Measurement

The demand for a latency standard has increased with the rise in high-frequency trading, higher trading volumes and more volatility. Latency has been reduced in some cases to microseconds, which makes measurement difficult, said Kevin McPartland, an analyst with the TABB Group. The recent proliferation of data types means that a trader must use multiple… Read More »

SIN – Budgeting for Latency: If I Shave a Microsecond, Will I See a 10X Profit?

The trick is to make sure the money being spent to remove delays will be more than reimbursed by the profits achieved in the trading strategy that is improved by it, says Kevin McPartland, senior analyst at Tabb Group. “If I’m spending $1M to get one microsecond faster, will I make ten times what I… Read More »

Trader's – High-Frequency Trading Is a Tough Game

The cost of the technology and infrastucture needed to support high-frequency trading is “tens of millions of dollars” per year, according to Kevin McPartland, a senior analyst at financial services research firm TABB Group. He moderated a panel sponsored by TABB Group and Switch and Data, a data center operator, last Thursday. This article is… Read More »

Waters – All Hail Innovation: Defending high-frequency trading

It used to be the market-makers and specialists who took the brunt of broker complaints that prices were fixed and the market was inefficient. Now, most of them are gone, so high-frequency trading firms are in the spotlight. Making markets is about gathering information quickly and making decisions based on that information faster than the… Read More »