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SIN – In Icap's World,Offense is the Best Defense Best Defense

Inter-dealer brokers (IDBs) execute about half of all OTC derivatives trades occurring between dealers; the rest, the dealers trade directly between each other. Language in the House bill could give the IDBs the remaining 50 percent of the market in dealer-to-dealer OTC derivatives trading, according to Kevin McPartland, senior analyst at the Tabb Group. McPartland’s… Read More »

Securities Industry News – Ten Trading Technology Trends and Tools for 2010

Networking (both intra- and inter- data center). Growing market data message rates and shrinking latency have made networks a key focus of the sell side, said Kevin McPartland, senior analyst with the Tabb Group.  “Upgrades of data center network equipment and purchases of long distance bandwidth will accelerate driven by current bandwidth requirements and future… Read More »