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The Impending CFTC SEF Proposal: What you need to know and why

Also posted at TabbForum.com By opting for a prescriptive rather than a rules-based approach in regulating the OTC derivatives market, the CFTC is set to write the wrong prescription for swap execution facilities (SEF). A major tenet of Dodd-Frank is to “promote pre-trade price transparency in the swaps market.” Through the rule-writing process, both the… Read More »

A Rude Awakening for OTC Derivative Executions: Buying a Bandwagon Seat

Also posted at TabbFORUM.com The current execution landscape for OTC derivatives is in for a rude awakening.  Index CDS and the most liquid interest rate swaps (2-, 5-, 7- and 10-year) are set to move into a world of high speed messaging and even higher speed analytics.  Many have already discussed how an expected execution… Read More »