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Stock Market Keeps Its Faith in Humanity (WSJ)

The Wall Street Journal has a great featured piece today on the importance of the sales trader, which is something we at Greenwich have been out talking about quite a bit over the last few months.  The WSJ story features our latest equity research (although the direct quote was unfortunately cut by the editors – sorry… Read More »

A (Greek) Default By Any Other Name

Back in October I wrote about the impact of an impeding Greek default on the CDS market. I concluded that in the shadow of Dodd-Frank, the decision on whether the Greek bailout triggered a CS payout was a minimal consequence. With ISDA’s announcement that the European Central Bank’s fix to the Greek bond crisis will… Read More »

Swap-Trading Venture Folds, Unable To Get Funding (Wall Street Journal)

The slow regulatory process has its first known victim.  As soon as Dodd-Frank made swap execution facilities official, entrepeurial swaps traders everywhere thought they better hurry up and start one.  But as we’re seeing only those with deep enough pockets to keep operating for months (or years) with virtual no profit until regulations are in… Read More »

Barclays Capital Rolls Out Electronic Credit Default Swaps Trading (Wall Street Journal)

Execution and clearing mandates for OTC derivative trades are still nearly a year a way by my estimates, but the Street is already getting ready.  While Deutsche Bank and Bluemountain Capital executed CDS trades through Tradeweb and cleared via the CME and ICE, Barclays was busy rolling out its new electronic CDS trading product for… Read More »