Bonds, AI, alternative data and the radio

The more things are changing, the more interesting it is to do research.  And thankfully change doesn’t seem to stop coming.  The last decade has seen the market structure geeks move their focus from swaps, to high frequency trading, to corporate bonds, to US Treasury bonds, to blockchain, to machine learning and, most recently, back to high frequency trading (excuse me, non-bank liquidity providers).

This is exactly what being a research analyst is so much fun.  We often have 5 meetings in a day all on completely different topics.  In that vein, these are a few of the more interesting conversations I’ve had with the press this year:

NPR and PlanetMoney about using alternative data for investing (here’s the Greenwich research on the topic)

Bloomberg Radio about BlackRock’s decision to further automate its active equity investing

Economist about the electronification of the bond market

The Financial Times on why Trump won’t change Dodd-Frank as much as some think

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