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Validation that Market Structure is Hot

If you thought the world didn’t need more market structure research, you were wrong. Trader’s Magazine did a great job writing up my new role and Greenwich’s plans in the market structure world. They even got some academic backup: Is there room for another player in this crowded field?  Yes, said Prof. Larry Harris, a […]

Greenwich: Fixed Income Investors Grapple with New Regulations and Rising Rates

Each year Greenwich conducts a North American Fixed Income study. This year we conducting 1027 interviews of buy side portfolio managers and traders about everything from corporate bonds to agency pass-throughs to interest rate swaps. As I’m new to Greenwich this is my first time really digging into the results, and (although I’m now a […]

Its Conference Season! Let’s Talk About Swap Futures…

Until I became an analyst I didn’t realize there was a conference “season” – but for those of you keeping track, the spring and fall are when most of the good events unfold.  I’ll be speaking at a few this fall, the first few of which will be all about swap futures. On September 19th […]

UBS Launches New E-Trading Platform For Credit-Default Swaps (WSJ)

I’ve written quite a bit about the fate of single dealer portals (SDP) and SEF aggregation. UBS has finally come forward with what its been working on lately, which involves both its SDP and SEF aggregation. Having seen the demo I can assure you that what they have is real and I believe gives us […]

Futures On Credit-Default Swaps Seen As Natural Evolution (Wall Street Journal)

If Congress really had its way (well, the Democrats anyway) than all swaps would have been forced to look and trade like futures. If you’re reading this blog than you know that would be a classic square peg, round hole. Case in point: Eurex launched iTraxx futures some years back and no liquidity every developed. […]