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Bonds, AI, alternative data and the radio

The more things are changing, the more interesting it is to do research.  And thankfully change doesn’t seem to stop coming.  The last decade has seen the market structure geeks move their focus from swaps, to high frequency trading, to corporate bonds, to US Treasury bonds, to blockchain, to machine learning and, most recently, back […]

Talking Equity Market Structure with Benzinga

Every month or so I have the pleasure of talking with the folks at the Benzinga #Premarket morning show.  The listener base is predominantly retail which isn’t really my focus, however I love that they give air-time to market structure issues as they are as important to retail/professional traders as they are to the big institutions. […]

NPR – Obama Plan to Rein in Credit Default Swaps

Mr. MCPARTLAND: Reporting requirements will provide a lot more transparency to regulators as to who is doing what and who holds what positions. KESTENBAUM: Would this have stopped the AIG problem? Mr. MCPARTLAND: It very well might have with the data available, but also with the regulators in place to be routinely monitoring it, watching […]