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Setting FX Benchmarks with Observable Data – My Interview with CCTV America

For a market that is so electronic, using observable data to set benchmark rates shouldn’t be much of a stretch.  About two weeks ago I did a taped interview for Central China TV (CCTV)  America to discuss this an the electronification of FX more generally.  The interview includes my attempt at explaining electronic trading in […]

Making Proprietary Trading Public: My Interview with Bloomberg TV

First KCG and now Virtu.  In 2008 no one would have guessed that in 2014 automated trading firms would be publicly traded companies – but here we are.  Investors have a new way of getting in on the profits behind liquidity provision, and the market as a whole has new insight into how these firms […]

McPartland and McPartland: My Conversation with the Chicago Fed

I recently spoke with John McPartland, a Senior Policy Adviser at the Chicago Fed (and no, we can’t seem to find a direct relation although it seems there must be one somewhere).  Here we discuss the implications of MF Global on the clearing model going forward; was it simply fraud or does it point out […]

Automated Credit Trading: My Panel Discussion at TABB’s Fixed Income 2012

Here’s the first snippit of the panel I moderated at our Fixed Income Trading event on January 24th.  Both Citi and BAML discuss the increases in electronic swaps trading that they’ve seen on the CDS desk in the past year.  We’re not even close to the electronic market that Dodd-Frank will ultimately mandate, but it […]