Kevin on the Street is Back, and Kevin is Back to Research

20130826-211745.jpgKevin on the Street is back after a little hiatus, and I’m excited to get things up and running again.  Why am I back?  Turns out research is what I really enjoying doing.  If we’ve met you’ve probably heard me explain why research is a great gig – you basically get paid to talk to some of the smartest people on the street, learn a lot and then give your opinion.  Not a bad deal if you ask me.  Besides the fact I have a strange fascination with finding trends in data and using PowerPoint.

I’ll be running market structure research and advisory for Greenwich Associates.  Greenwich has been around since the 70’s and has established an amazing process for conducting 10s of thousands of interviews a year, which we will utilize to delve deeply into major market structure issues – regulations, technology innovation, behavior shifts, and whatever else causes change in the way the markets function.  And we have a few more tricks up our sleeves beyond a simple research subscription.

The press release for my joining and the new service is below.  Bloomberg News and Inside Market Data also wrote up the move.  Please feel free to reach out with questions, comments or anything else you want to talk about.  Looking forward to working with you all to make sense of all things market structure.


Kevin McPartland to Lead New Market Structure and Technology Advisory Service

August 26, 2013

Greenwich Associates today announced the hiring of Kevin McPartland as Principal to lead a new market structure and technology advisory service.  The depth of Greenwich Associates data coupled with their comprehensive insight will generate more accurate research and recommendations, ultimately providing greater comfort to senior executives making important business decisions.

“Building on Greenwich Associates research and consulting capabilities across the financial service industry, this new initiative helps clients navigate changes in market structure driven by regulatory, economic and behavioral shifts,” says Dan Connell, Managing Director of Greenwich Associates Information Services business. “Kevin’s experience and knowledge will play a key role in this effort.”

Kevin McPartland is an influential figure in the critical area of financial market structure, having testified before the Senate Banking Committee and Commodity Futures Trading Commission on OTC derivatives reform.  In addition, he presented his research findings at scores of industry gatherings and has been interviewed and quoted frequently in media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, The Economist, Bloomberg News, NPR, and CNBC.

McPartland joins Greenwich Associates from Blackrock, where he was a Director in the Electronic Trading and Market Structure group.  Prior to joining Blackrock, he was a Principal at TABB Group, where he founded and led the firm’s Fixed Income research practice.  Kevin also spent time at JPMorgan, UBS and Deutsche Bank in varying capacities.

“Greenwich Associates existing research is based on a staggering number of interviews with portfolio managers, traders and other key decision makers – roughly 60,000 per year,” says McPartland.   “Our new market structure and technology research service will leverage our existing data store  and our ability to collect statistically relevant data to dig deeply into today’s most pressing market structure issues, from swap execution facilities to data management.”