North American Fixed Income Update: E-Trading and Too Big To Fail

This week we will begin to release the results of our annually North American Fixed Income study, based on just shy of 1100 investors trading fixed income products, looking across 18 different product types.  I will be presenting an overview of our initial findings on August 7 (Thursday) at 11a ET, and discuss where we will be digging deeper in the coming few weeks.  US Treasuries, Corporate Bonds, swaps and sell side market share will all be discussed.  I will keep it short and sweet and look forward to taking questions at the end. Greenwich Associates Market Structure and Technology clients should keep an eye out for related research this week.

North American Fixed-Income Trading Update

Please join Kevin McPartland as he reviews the results of the Greenwich Associates North American Fixed-Income Study and explores the answers to these questions:

  • Are changes to the market cyclical, or are we in the middle of real structure change?
  • Is competition really picking up among fixed-income dealers, or is market share concentrating further?
  • Is electronic trading of fixed-income products actually growing as fast as people think?

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Kevin McPartland
Head of Research
Market Structure and Technology
Greenwich Associates


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