Power Density: Getting to the Core of the Issue (Securities Industry News)

All of the financial services focused data centers I’ve spoken with have expressed much more concern about running low on power than on running out of floor space.  I’ve seen cages with my own eyes that are half empty because the servers used by the resident require double the power generally available per rack in that data center.  Available kilowatts per rack are skyrocketing, with many in the low double digits.  We will see even higher power densities in the not to distant future:

“Servers are getting faster and faster and because they are faster, they are consuming considerably more power,” said Tabb Group senior analyst and report author Kevin McPartland. “To make the best of use of the limited prime data center space around the major market centers, they need to have very high power density to be able to support as many servers as the clients in the data centers want to put in them.”

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