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CFTC trade rules will create 'winner's curse' (Risk.net)

Dissent for the block trade rule is still rampant.  As the thinking goes, if large swap trades, those that occur in illiquid products that occur weekly or less, are reported within 15 minutes as CFTC proposed rule suggests than the resulting information leakage would cause liquidity (and potentially the market) to dry up completely.  There […]

Barclays Capital Rolls Out Electronic Credit Default Swaps Trading (Wall Street Journal)

Execution and clearing mandates for OTC derivative trades are still nearly a year a way by my estimates, but the Street is already getting ready.  While Deutsche Bank and Bluemountain Capital executed CDS trades through Tradeweb and cleared via the CME and ICE, Barclays was busy rolling out its new electronic CDS trading product for […]