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As Financial Reformer, Dodd, Again, Dogged by Appearance of Conflict (ABC News)

Now not only is Dodd being picked on for his politics, but for the fact that his wife works at the CME.  I think this is a bit blown out of proportion, but per my comments in the article there is no denying that proposed legislation will help the exchanges looking to clear OTC Derivatives. […]

Bloomberg – Fed Fails to Get Swap Users to Accept Clearinghouse Target

The buy side doesn’t want to commit to clearing targets, nor should they have to.  This is about reducing systemic risk, and arguably that comes from the interconnectedness of the dealers.  My comments in the article: Now, some firms may be having second thoughts, said Kevin McPartland, a senior analyst at Tabb Group in New […]

CDS Clearing: How do we know it works?

Come March, CDS clearing will have been available for a full year.  After months of political pressure and industry commitments, open interest for cleared CDS is well into the billions, volumes are well into the trillions, three clearinghouses are officially live and industry estimates (including those of TABB Group) show that CDS clearing will generate […]