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Increased Cloud Adoption Should be a No-Brainer for Hedge Funds

Its been a while since I’ve written a real techy piece, so had a fun time with this one.  While it might seem a bit out of left field given a recent focus on fixed income market structure, it is in fact the growth of structured derivatives trading that is making the use case for […]

Cloud computing technologies and financial services (SearchFinancialSecurity.com)

The talk about cloud computing in financial services doesn’t slow down despite a very slow pace of growth. Regardless, this article gives a good summary of my views on the subject: “The cloud is certainly on everyone’s radar, but there are a lot of issues still to be resolved on the process and regulatory side,” […]

Financial institutions test cloud computing waters (SearchCloudComputing.com)

Everyone loves to talk about cloud computing adoption in financial services because it seems like such a ripe market for the technology – however regulations and privacy concerns will get in the way for a long time until the cost efficiency gains can no longer be ignored by CIOs.  Even still, its all about private […]

Cloud Cover: CIO Chris Perretta on State Street's Cloud Strategy (Waters)

There is a lot of buzz around cloud computing, but its use in financial services is still negligible.  This piece examines how State Street is using internal cloud technology to create cost efficiencies. Creating cost-savings to put into other areas of development is why boards have come around to cloud. Yet, as Kevin McPartland, a […]

Controlled Ascent: Microsoft Targets Cloud Computing (Waters)

Microsoft is making a run at financial services businesses, and cloud is a huge part of their strategy.  The more I speak with them the more I realized they can’t be ignored and not all clouds are created equal: Microsoft’s Windows HPC Server, as its cloud computing offering, may still function best on Microsoft or […]

Why the Back Office Avoids The Cloud. Hint: It’s Not Technical. (Securities Industry News)

This article refers to a presentation I gave in Boston on March 22, 2010 about cloud computing in financial services.  Sure people are using Salesforce.com and other SaasS applications, but the use of cloud computing as an approach to resource allocation has a long way to go.  A small excerpt from the article: That’s the […]

AbsoluteReturn – Hey, you, get on my cloud

This article talks about adoption of cloud computing by hedge funds.  Most agree it has a place, but that place is limited.  A clip: Kevin McPartland, a senior analyst with the research and advisory firm TABB Group, says one function that may not be cloud-ready is trading. Placing trade-order management or execution onto servers in […]