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New York special: Survival of the biggest (DataCenterDynamics)

Who cares about exchange consolidation when you can talk about data center consolidation? Although, the former is now in direct competition with the latter and mergers in both sectors are in part driven by the competition this all creates. Luckily this should all lead to better service and price for the end user. More locations, […]

The New Speed of Money, Reshaping Markets (NY Times)

Great feature piece originally printed in the Sunday Business section of the times examining both the drivers and requirements for high speed trading.  The article cites TABB Group’s estimate for high frequency trading in the US equity market (56%) and includes a few of my comments. According to Kevin McPartland of the TABB Group, high-frequency […]

NYSE's Mahwah data center set to come online, quietly (Bergen Record)

NYSE’s new Mahwah data center is finally set to go live this coming Monday.  It will only be for a few stocks, but after years of working, waiting and talking about the project its exciting to see this big investment (and risk) for NYSE get moving. The only signage noting the property’s high-profile tenant is […]

Sell Side Continues to Invest in Data Centers (Wall Street & Technology)

This story gives an overview of the presentation I gave at the Accelerating Wall Street conference in May 2010.  Much of the data was based off our our Sell Side Technology study from December 2009. “Clearly the sell side loves its data centers,” McPartland told the audience. “There’s a lot of horsepower that has to […]

The CFTC's Co-location Proposal: Not Ready for Prime Time

Also posted at TabbFORUM.com The CFTC should stick to regulating markets and not try to regulate data center providers.  The recently released proposal by the CFTC does a good job of preventing providers of data center space from competing on their merits and pricing according to market demand.  Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the spirit of the […]

Wall Street’s Tech War (The Record)

From the Sunday edition of The Record, a interesting article focusing on the move of “Wall Street” to New Jersey.  The vast majority of US equity order matching actually goes on somewhere in NJ, regardless of where the exchange itself is officially incorporated.  If it wasn’t for the relatively small bit of trading that happens […]

Power Density: Getting to the Core of the Issue (Securities Industry News)

All of the financial services focused data centers I’ve spoken with have expressed much more concern about running low on power than on running out of floor space.  I’ve seen cages with my own eyes that are half empty because the servers used by the resident require double the power generally available per rack in […]

Trading Services Focus On Low Delay, Lower Cost Connections (MarketWatch)

Reducing latency is critical for those in the ultra-low latency high frequency trading game; but the number of firms that fit that category isrelatively small.  DirectEdge has a new offering that it hopes will appeal to the entire spectrum of latency sensitivity. “It’s a little bit of a misconception that high-frequency firms will pay anything […]