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Skepticism Grows across the Swaps Markets about Benefits of SEFs Due to Overly Prescriptive Rules, Says TABB

This is the PR for my latest SEF report, for which the executive summary can be found here. PRESS RELEASE Dec. 8, 2011, 9:33 a.m. EST Skepticism Grows across the Swaps Markets about Benefits of SEFs Due to Overly Prescriptive Rules, Says TABB Over 200 Swaps Market Professionals Rate the Top Firms They Believe Will […]

My Conversation with Dan Maguire, Head of Swapclear US (Video)

MF Global and the Euro crisis have made people think about counterparty risk again.  Counterparty risk concerns are good for clearing, and Swapclear US is all over it.  Here are I talk to its US head Dan Maguire about their enhanced functionality, success to date and the “fun” Dan had living through Lehman.

ICE, DTCC to vie for swap data repository supremacy (SNL Financial)

I’m not surprised that multiple firms are competing to be the swap data repository of choice.  This is America after all, so if an opportunity exists (especially one created by government mandate) than several firms will go after it.  However, I’m not sure I get the business model for running an SDR.  Having control over […]

OTC clearing moves to real-time (Financial Times)

A few months back we put out a research piece on clearing technology, and how despite a lot of work over the past few years, a big investment is still needed to bring OTC clearing to where it needs to be.  And thankfully for those that sell clearing technology, regulations and continued fear of counterparty […]

Funds battle banks over $300 trillion derivatives market (Reuters)

Certainty of clearing is turning into one of the hottest derivative reform debates.  The crux of the issue is how can swaps traders be sure that when they execute on a SEF the trade will be accepted for clearing.  In most other exchange-like markets the vertical integration makes this a moot point.  If you trade […]

Trading reform still 'years from completion' (Financial Times)

Despite frequent new promises from Washington that rules will be done by a certain date (“Q4 2011 – oh wait, we meant Q1 2012!”) and major market participants stating their readiness it seams like the OTC derivatives reform process will never end.  Who’s fault is it?  Everyone’s really.  Politicians are trying to get reelected (or reappointed) […]

Swap Execution Facilities and Transparency in the FT

The FT today has a great special section on derivatives reform to which TABB Group contributed quite a bit.  Along with my comments, my colleague Henry Chien was also quoted discussing the ETF market. The articles speak for themselves, so I won’t reiterate what they’ve already said.  But in short, the industry is continuing to […]