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The US Invasion of European Fixed Income

Capital is expensive and getting more expensive.  But the problem is proving a much harder one to manage in Europe, with European banks continuing to deleverage and already complying with the principles of Basel III while US banks have their capital houses (relatively) in order.  The impact of this dichotomy is broad, but one impact […]

Greenwich Associate’s Market Structure Trends to Watch in 2014

The year 2013 will likely go down as the year of mandatory clearing. Once ignored by eager financial market professionals as boring back-office stuff, collateral management, credit limits and all other things clearing stood front and center in 2013 as swaps went from a 10-day clearing cycle to a 10-second clearing cycle. Given the progress […]

Europe Raises Concerns About NYSE-Deutsche Börse Merger (NY Times)

I read the paper on the iPad – but I still get a kick out of being quoted in print (see page B6 of today’s NY Times).  But I digress… It looks like the European’s aren’t as into the proposed NYSE/Deutsche Borse merger as the Americans are.  Although details are not yet available, it seems […]

SEF or OTF: A comparison of swaps trading reform in the US and Europe

Also published at TabbFORUM.com Is the sport called soccer or football? Should swaps be traded on Swap Execution Facilities (SEF) or Organized Trading Facilities (OTF)? For that matter, should organized be spelled with a ‘z’ or an ‘s’? While some of these debates are as old as the U.S. Declaration of Independence and others brand […]

UK Response to Derivatives Reform: Protectionism or Pragmatism?

A TABB Group Commentary.  Download free here. Does the UK have a soft spot for OTC derivatives or do they just have a better grasp of reality than the rest of the globe? On 15th December 2009, the UK Financial Services Authority (FSA) and HM Treasury published a joint response to the “EU Consultation Document: […]