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MF Global, Innovation and Swaps Reform in the Financial Times

The FT published a great special section this past Monday on the state of OTC derivatives reform. Coverage ranged from the impact of MF Global on margin and segregation rules to technology innovation driven by the new rules. What these stories all reaffirm is how much the details of the final rules will impact liquidity, […]

OTC clearing moves to real-time (Financial Times)

A few months back we put out a research piece on clearing technology, and how despite a lot of work over the past few years, a big investment is still needed to bring OTC clearing to where it needs to be.  And thankfully for those that sell clearing technology, regulations and continued fear of counterparty […]

Trading reform still 'years from completion' (Financial Times)

Despite frequent new promises from Washington that rules will be done by a certain date (“Q4 2011 – oh wait, we meant Q1 2012!”) and major market participants stating their readiness it seams like the OTC derivatives reform process will never end.  Who’s fault is it?  Everyone’s really.  Politicians are trying to get reelected (or reappointed) […]

Swap Execution Facilities and Transparency in the FT

The FT today has a great special section on derivatives reform to which TABB Group contributed quite a bit.  Along with my comments, my colleague Henry Chien was also quoted discussing the ETF market. The articles speak for themselves, so I won’t reiterate what they’ve already said.  But in short, the industry is continuing to […]

Liquidity expected to return in swaps market (Financial Times)

My summer’s work was speaking to every major swaps dealer to try and understand what they’re thinking, how they’ll take their business forward and what pending regulation will do to the swaps market. The executive summary of the report that resulted from these conversations can be found here. Today the FT wrote a story to […]

Thomson Reuters to launch OTC platforms by mid-2012 (Financial Times)

Now its official – both major market data providers are in the SEF game.  Bloomberg showed as “most likely to succeed” in TABB’s SEF Industry Barometer in the spring.  But admittedly that study was focused on credit and rates trading whereas Thomson Reuters is in the FX game.  Regardless, both of these firms have a lot behind […]

Silicon Valley returns to Wall Street (Financial Times)

NYSE announced recently that they’re launching a cloud computing platform aimed at financial services firms.  I must admit I think they’re on to something.  About a year ago I suggested in a TabbFORUM video that if someone was to create a cloud environment aimed at financial services (ideally with the backing of the relevant regulators) it could […]