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Financial Reform Becomes Law: The Devil's In The Details (Futures Magazine)

The law is passed but the rule writing processing is where the real nitty gritty details will be defined.  My comments focus mostly on the execution space and definition of Swap Execution Facility: McPartland says the new rules will mean more transparency for traders. “We’ll see much more readily accessible electronic data for swaps trading. […]

CFTC Position Limits Push Could Hit Wall (Futures Magazine)

The industry disagrees on various parts of financial reform, but few in the industry seem to disagree that position limits as proposed by the CFTC are not a good thing.  The outcome of broader financial reform will certainly have an impact on how this finally plays out, but with such strong consensus that position limits will limit […]

Futures – Next Step For OTC Regulation

Kevin McPartland, senior analyst at Tabb Group, doesn’t think position limits will force U.S. business overseas. “There is some level of harmonization between the U.S. and regulators in Europe. They’re trying to not create a situation where there’s a lot of regulatory arbitrage. The regulations, although different, won’t be [so] extreme in one jurisdiction that […]