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Tech Spending to Pick Up in 2011. Thank Regulators. (Information Management)

This is further coverage of my recent research report.  Regulations are causing a headache for much of the industry, but the flip side will be all of the resulting business for consultants, tech firms, lawyers, etc. “The OTC derivatives market is in for revolutionary rather than evolutionary change,” said analyst and author Kevin McPartland. … […]

Information Management – Getting the Message: Middleware Matters

In a study released earlier this month, “U.S. Equity Technology 2010: The Sell Side Perspective,” Tabb Group senior analyst Kevin McPartland noted that all bulge bracket firms are “currently either using some form of hardware acceleration or are investigating its use.” “Third-party middleware products have reached a level of sophistication that the cost required to […]

Information Management – Data Centers as Important As Trading Floor, Says Tabb Group

“From a sell side perspective, it means that those guys–major data center providers such as Equinix and Savvis– should look to expand current client footprints as the sell side looks to reduce server scatter (when firms use space in a variety of geographic locations),” McPartland explained to Securities Idustry News. “So if a major dealer is […]