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Trans-Atlantic Cable Plan Targets High-Frequency Traders (Wall Street Journal)

First it was shortening the time it takes data to get between New York and Chicago, now its New York and London.  The big difference here is that the NY to London route is 3 times longer and has an ocean in the middle – no small feet of engineering and no small price tag. […]

Cloud Cover: CIO Chris Perretta on State Street's Cloud Strategy (Waters)

There is a lot of buzz around cloud computing, but its use in financial services is still negligible.  This piece examines how State Street is using internal cloud technology to create cost efficiencies. Creating cost-savings to put into other areas of development is why boards have come around to cloud. Yet, as Kevin McPartland, a […]

The rise of the infrastructure specialist (eFinancialCareers)

We at TABB Group (and me more specifically) have written quite a bit about infrastructure in the past 6 months.  This isn’t just because I find it all fasinating (which I do) but because that is where some of the biggest change is happening in the low latency trading world.  eFinancialCareers took our research to […]

The Great Race for Low Latency (Institutional Investor)

Talk of the importance of moving data between NY and Chicago has heat up considerably in the past two years.  TABB Group published a piece on this “Long Distance Latency” issue back in June.  Here II tackles the topic: “Ten years ago firms would rely on telecom providers to advise them,” he says. Now the […]

TABB Says Capital Markets Firms are Simplifying Trading Infrastructures, Redefining the Total Area Network (TAN)

This is the press release for my latest research report on data center networking.  You can find a more detailed executive summary here.  Now to the PR: Despite the cost and complexity created by meeting high bandwidth, low latency and global reach requirements sought by capital markets firms trading across asset classes globally, the industry’s […]

Sell Side Continues to Invest in Data Centers (Wall Street & Technology)

This story gives an overview of the presentation I gave at the Accelerating Wall Street conference in May 2010.  Much of the data was based off our our Sell Side Technology study from December 2009. “Clearly the sell side loves its data centers,” McPartland told the audience. “There’s a lot of horsepower that has to […]

TABB Says Long-Distance, Low-Latency Networking Increasingly Critical To Trading (TABB Group)

This is the PR on my latest two reports on optical networking and its role in financial services.  Also check out the executive summary here. North American Financial-Services Firms to Spend $2.2 Billion in 2010 on Connectivity Two New Research Reports Reveal the Dividing Line between Data-Center and Optical Networking for Capital Markets is Seen […]

Wall Street’s Tech War (The Record)

From the Sunday edition of The Record, a interesting article focusing on the move of “Wall Street” to New Jersey.  The vast majority of US equity order matching actually goes on somewhere in NJ, regardless of where the exchange itself is officially incorporated.  If it wasn’t for the relatively small bit of trading that happens […]

Trading Services Focus On Low Delay, Lower Cost Connections (MarketWatch)

Reducing latency is critical for those in the ultra-low latency high frequency trading game; but the number of firms that fit that category isrelatively small.  DirectEdge has a new offering that it hopes will appeal to the entire spectrum of latency sensitivity. “It’s a little bit of a misconception that high-frequency firms will pay anything […]