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SEF Order Book Pricing Can Rival RFQ for Interest Rate Swap Trades

New Greenwich Associates Report Urges Institutional Investors To Use Order Books in Tandem with RFQs   Stamford, CT USA —  A new quantitative research report from Greenwich Associates, Quantifying the Benefits of Order Book Trading to the Swaps Market, suggest that while RFQ platforms will remain a top buy side execution source, available order books […]

SEF volumes died last week – so when and where will they return?

Turned out the first week of mandatory SEF trading was a Big Bang, just in the wrong direction.  Reported SEF volumes for interest rate swaps fell off a cliff for the week of February 17th, dropping 64% (revised down slightly as new data became available) from the 2014 weekly average SEF traded volume (thanks as […]

Rate swap traders wait for no man (Financial Times)

Interest Rate Swaps have taken over for CDS as the OTC derivative product in focus for market participants and regulators.  They look to be the products that will see the biggest jump in clearing once new rules are in place and they also seem to be the first headed for more electronic trading.  My two […]