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Trans-Atlantic Cable Plan Targets High-Frequency Traders (Wall Street Journal)

First it was shortening the time it takes data to get between New York and Chicago, now its New York and London.  The big difference here is that the NY to London route is 3 times longer and has an ocean in the middle – no small feet of engineering and no small price tag. […]

The Great Race for Low Latency (Institutional Investor)

Talk of the importance of moving data between NY and Chicago has heat up considerably in the past two years.  TABB Group published a piece on this “Long Distance Latency” issue back in June.  Here II tackles the topic: “Ten years ago firms would rely on telecom providers to advise them,” he says. Now the […]

TABB Says Capital Markets Firms are Simplifying Trading Infrastructures, Redefining the Total Area Network (TAN)

This is the press release for my latest research report on data center networking.  You can find a more detailed executive summary here.  Now to the PR: Despite the cost and complexity created by meeting high bandwidth, low latency and global reach requirements sought by capital markets firms trading across asset classes globally, the industry’s […]

Information Management – Data Centers as Important As Trading Floor, Says Tabb Group

“From a sell side perspective, it means that those guys–major data center providers such as Equinix and Savvis– should look to expand current client footprints as the sell side looks to reduce server scatter (when firms use space in a variety of geographic locations),” McPartland explained to Securities Idustry News. “So if a major dealer is […]

WS&T – Sell-Side Equity Technology Gets Smarter in 2010

So, the sell side will continue to invest in infrastructure to grow capacity as the market demand for trading U.S. equities grows, but McPartland predicts it will look for smarter ways to do this and that growth will be smaller in 2010 than in the past. Full Article Here [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyVyJD2vXdM]

Business demands to outpace trading tech budgets in 2010

McPartland argues that because a completely virtualised and highly utilised infrastructure is still years away for sell-side equities technology, a large gap exists between what is currently possible and actually done. In that same vein, cloud computing will be a part of equity IT strategies in the future but security concerns leave it more interesting […]

Securities Industry News – Ten Trading Technology Trends and Tools for 2010

Networking (both intra- and inter- data center). Growing market data message rates and shrinking latency have made networks a key focus of the sell side, said Kevin McPartland, senior analyst with the Tabb Group.  “Upgrades of data center network equipment and purchases of long distance bandwidth will accelerate driven by current bandwidth requirements and future […]