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Europe Raises Concerns About NYSE-Deutsche Börse Merger (NY Times)

I read the paper on the iPad – but I still get a kick out of being quoted in print (see page B6 of today’s NY Times).  But I digress… It looks like the European’s aren’t as into the proposed NYSE/Deutsche Borse merger as the Americans are.  Although details are not yet available, it seems […]

The New Speed of Money, Reshaping Markets (NY Times)

Great feature piece originally printed in the Sunday Business section of the times examining both the drivers and requirements for high speed trading.  The article cites TABB Group’s estimate for high frequency trading in the US equity market (56%) and includes a few of my comments. According to Kevin McPartland of the TABB Group, high-frequency […]

Senator Warns of ‘Populist Fervor’ Against Wall St. (NY Times)

Senator Gregg is standing up for Wall Street – a little shocking.  He is a Republican and they tend to be pro-bank, but politics have kept most in DC from saying anything nice about financial services firms.  My comments here focus on the linkage (or lack thereof)  between execution and clearing and how most can’t […]

The Fight to Regulate Derivatives (NY Times)

Health care reform and consumer protection has overshadowed derivatives reform for weeks, and the NY Times has finally shined the spot light back on the developing OTC derivative landscape.  In the article, I specifically point out the less than ideal approach of having both the SEC and CFTC oversee the market and the fact that […]

Senator Seeks to Limit Banks’ Role in Derivatives (NY Times)

The Senate has its own version of the Lynch Amendment passed by the House in December courtesy of Rep. Brown.  I understand the general concern of leaving too much power with the dealers, but limiting their investment in crucial market venues will ultimately limit competition and innovation.  My quote in the article: “I can’t imagine […]