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Determining if SEF Aggregation Really Matters

This post also published at TabbFORUM.com Regulations will have a significant impact on how SEF aggregators function and how widely these aggregators will be adopted by various market participants. Some of the most contentious rule proposals are those that will have the greatest impact on liquidity fragmentation. They include the 15-second rule, the ability to […]

Skepticism Grows across the Swaps Markets about Benefits of SEFs Due to Overly Prescriptive Rules, Says TABB

This is the PR for my latest SEF report, for which the executive summary can be found here. PRESS RELEASE Dec. 8, 2011, 9:33 a.m. EST Skepticism Grows across the Swaps Markets about Benefits of SEFs Due to Overly Prescriptive Rules, Says TABB Over 200 Swaps Market Professionals Rate the Top Firms They Believe Will […]

TABB Says 90% of Top-Tier Swap Dealers See Their Profits Down or Flat after Dodd-Frank Implementation

PR on my recent study: New Annual Fixed Income Industry Benchmark Study Shows 60% of Current Dealers Expect Increased Barriers-to-Entry; Basel III to have Greater Business Impact than Dodd-Frank NEW YORK & LONDON, Oct 19, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Despite the risks to liquidity posed by CFTC-proposed regulation, over the long term nearly 75% of […]

TABB Says the Number of Swap Dealers Will Surge, Doubling If Not Tripling to 30 by December 2011

This is the press release for my latest research report: Top 15 OTC Derivatives Dealers Set to Spend Nearly $675 Million in 2010/2011 to Prepare Technology for Dodd-Frank OTC Derivatives Trade Execution and Central Clearing Mandates Spending May Continue into 2012 Based on Implementation Timelines Set by Regulators NEW YORK & LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–With passage of […]

TABB Says Capital Markets Firms are Simplifying Trading Infrastructures, Redefining the Total Area Network (TAN)

This is the press release for my latest research report on data center networking.  You can find a more detailed executive summary here.  Now to the PR: Despite the cost and complexity created by meeting high bandwidth, low latency and global reach requirements sought by capital markets firms trading across asset classes globally, the industry’s […]

TABB Says Long-Distance, Low-Latency Networking Increasingly Critical To Trading (TABB Group)

This is the PR on my latest two reports on optical networking and its role in financial services.  Also check out the executive summary here. North American Financial-Services Firms to Spend $2.2 Billion in 2010 on Connectivity Two New Research Reports Reveal the Dividing Line between Data-Center and Optical Networking for Capital Markets is Seen […]

Buy Side OMS and EMS: Integration, Expansion and Consolidation (TABB Group)

This is my latest research report looking at the buy side’s usage of trading technology.  See the press release below, the executive summary at tabbgroup.com and coverage of the study from Securities Industry News and Advanced Trading. NEW YORK & LONDON – (Business Wire) According to new research from TABB Group, the integration of order […]

OTC Derivative Reform – Coming up to the Majors?

On March 14, 2010 Senator Dodd and the Senate Banking Committee released their latest Financial Reform Bill. Broadly speaking, the few hundred pages of this bill dedicated to reforming the OTC derivatives market showed few major changes from either the previous Senate bill release in November 2009 or the House Bill passed in December 2009. This does not come as much of a surprise as the major tenets of OTC derivative reform appear to be decided – standardized products will be traded through a registered platform and centrally cleared, dealers will register with the SEC and/or CFTC based on the products they trade and all OTC derivatives trades not cleared will be reported to a trade repository and subject to margin requirements. The devil however, continues to be in the details.

OTC Derivative Reform – What to expect from the Senate Bill

The Senate via Sen. Dodd is expected to make public its latest financial reform bill.  Although overshadowed in recent weeks but talk of consumer protection an “to big to fail”, the bill will include details of OTC derivative reform.  In this video I discuss what we expect, and hope, to see in the Senate’s version […]

Tax Avoidance or Smart Investing?

What else can derivatives be blamed for?  OTC equity derivatives are now in the spotlight of the IRS for promoting tax avoidance.  The theory is that an equity swap allows the purchaser to collect dividends on the “swapped” stock without paying the taxes associated with actually owning that stock.  I can certainly see the merit […]