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What is Market Structure, And Why You Should Care

If you work in institutional finance you’ve heard talk of market structure. Not only are there entire conferences dedicated to the topic, but most of the participants at those conferences— banks, asset managers, researchers—send their heads of market structure to speak. Commonly used in economics to describe the interconnectedness of and interaction between the buyers […]

A preview of Greenwich’s new OMS/EMS/TCA study

We just wrapped up gathering information from almost 500 buy side traders about how they structure their trading desk, how much they spend, what trading systems they use, what they like and don’t like and a few dozen other topics.  On Thursday September 26 we’re hosting a webinar to give a preview of the results. […]

How Capitalism and Technology Can Fix the Equity Market

Free-market capitalism will ultimately lead any marketplace to its ideal state. Over the past half-decade this principle has driven my hypothesis that regulators should not try to stymie trading strategy and technology innovation, but should instead follow a principles-based approach (see the CFTC c. 2007) that prevents fraud while still allowing competition to carry on […]

MF Global, Innovation and Swaps Reform in the Financial Times

The FT published a great special section this past Monday on the state of OTC derivatives reform. Coverage ranged from the impact of MF Global on margin and segregation rules to technology innovation driven by the new rules. What these stories all reaffirm is how much the details of the final rules will impact liquidity, […]

OTC clearing moves to real-time (Financial Times)

A few months back we put out a research piece on clearing technology, and how despite a lot of work over the past few years, a big investment is still needed to bring OTC clearing to where it needs to be.  And thankfully for those that sell clearing technology, regulations and continued fear of counterparty […]

Tech upgrade needed for derivatives clearing (Financial Times)

The FT did a great job covering TABB Group’s new research piece looking at the technology challenges facing clearinghouses and dealers as they prepare for central clearing mandates.  Read the full story here.   And the press release: TABB Says Dealers and Clearinghouses Need to Make Huge Investments and Upgrades to Current Clearing Technology NEW […]

Tech Spending to Pick Up in 2011. Thank Regulators. (Information Management)

This is further coverage of my recent research report.  Regulations are causing a headache for much of the industry, but the flip side will be all of the resulting business for consultants, tech firms, lawyers, etc. “The OTC derivatives market is in for revolutionary rather than evolutionary change,” said analyst and author Kevin McPartland. … […]