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Sell Side Continues to Invest in Data Centers (Wall Street & Technology)

This story gives an overview of the presentation I gave at the Accelerating Wall Street conference in May 2010.  Much of the data was based off our our Sell Side Technology study from December 2009. “Clearly the sell side loves its data centers,” McPartland told the audience. “There’s a lot of horsepower that has to […]

The Low-Latency Imperative: How Fast Is Fast Enough? (WS&T)

Good article talking about what latency really is and what to think about when trying to measure true end-to-end latency in the trading process.  I think for the top end of the market the only way to reduce latency further is through hardware.  My quote: When evaluating latency, it’s vital to consider all of the […]

Wall Street & Technology – Sybase Acquires Aleri to Enhance Real-Time Analytics Product Suite

If Aleri was having financial difficulties, Aleri’s competitors and industry observers were not aware of the fact. Mark Palmer, CEO of StreamBase Systems, a CEP provider and direct competitor to Aleri, said in an interview: “Aleri made some moves that should have put them in a good cash position. In the market, the products are […]

WS&T – Sell-Side Equity Technology Gets Smarter in 2010

So, the sell side will continue to invest in infrastructure to grow capacity as the market demand for trading U.S. equities grows, but McPartland predicts it will look for smarter ways to do this and that growth will be smaller in 2010 than in the past. Full Article Here [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lyVyJD2vXdM]