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OPRA Projects Slowdown in Options Data Growth (Inside Market Data)

OPRA is projecting that options trading firms will need capacity to handle 5 million messages per second by 2012 – pretty crazy.  This is also the first time OPRA quoted bandwidth requirements in gigabits rather than megabits. Regulatory change – such as a transaction tax or “speed bumps” inserted into the execution process – may […]

Controlled Ascent: Microsoft Targets Cloud Computing (Waters)

Microsoft is making a run at financial services businesses, and cloud is a huge part of their strategy.  The more I speak with them the more I realized they can’t be ignored and not all clouds are created equal: Microsoft’s Windows HPC Server, as its cloud computing offering, may still function best on Microsoft or […]

Looking Through the Prism – Visualization Tools (Waters)

This story talks about Citi’s foray into visualization to help with risk management.  My comments: “Before all of the mess started, we were in a place where companies with household names were perceived as having zero risk,” says Kevin McPartland, senior analyst with Tabb Group. “There was no chance that a major bank would ever […]

Waters – Real-time Counterparty Risk Management Is Elusive, Yet Possible

Real-time risk isn’t really real-time – on demand is probably more accurate.  Regardless, the credit crisis has put a big focus on risk management and culture and process, not technology, is the real speed bump in the way of progress.  My comments: “Counterparty risk is not a technology problem any more,” says McPartland. “The technology […]

Waters – All Hail Innovation: Defending high-frequency trading

It used to be the market-makers and specialists who took the brunt of broker complaints that prices were fixed and the market was inefficient. Now, most of them are gone, so high-frequency trading firms are in the spotlight. Making markets is about gathering information quickly and making decisions based on that information faster than the […]