The Kevin on the Street Top Ten Stories of 2011

I officially launched Kevin on the Street in the spring of 2010, so 2011 was its first full year of operation.  Not like the world (or the web) needs another top ten list, but in digging through my Google Analytics account I thought it was pretty interesting to see what stories garnered the most interest.
Not surprisingly, as its a major focus of my research practice at TABB Group and this website, swap execution facilities were the primary focus.  But to keep things interesting, a post about some research I did around buy side OMS and EMS usage made the list as well.  It also seems that videos are a popular way of consuming information, so I’ll be sure to keep that coming in 2012.
Thanks everyone for your interest in the site.  I’m always open to suggestions and ideas as to how I can make the site more useful and interesting – so please feel free to contact me at TABB Group or via  Happy New Year!
The Kevin on the Street Top 10 of 2011
  1. SEF or OTF: A Comparison of Swaps Trading Reform in the US and Europe
  2. SEF 101: Deconstructing the Swap Execution Facility
  3. Buy Side OMS and EMS: Integration, Expansion and Consolidation
  4. Talking to the Swap Execution Facilities
  5. A conversation with Chris Ferreri, MD of Hybrid Brokerage at ICAP
  6. A conversation with Jim Toffey, CEO of Benchmark Solutions
  7. A conversation with Lee Olesky, CEO of Tradeweb
  8. A conversation with equity SEF eDeriv
  9. A conversation with Rick McVey, CEO of MarketAxess
  10. A conversation with Jamie Cawley, CEO of Javelin

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