The rise of the infrastructure specialist (eFinancialCareers)

We at TABB Group (and me more specifically) have written quite a bit about infrastructure in the past 6 months. ¬†This isn’t just because I find it all fasinating (which I do) but because that is where some of the biggest change is happening in the low latency trading world. ¬†eFinancialCareers took our research to mean there is big opportunity for infrastructure specialists, and I tend to agree:

“Unfortunately, there is no perfect architecture, but by understanding the relationships between latency, bandwidth, scalability and cost, the latest and greatest networking technology can underpin an infrastructure that delivers the highest possible ROI. That technology exists today; but since money never sleeps, neither can the men and women designing the networks of tomorrow,” says Kevin McPartland, Tabb senior analyst and author of the report.

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