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Speaking at the OTC Derivatives Summit in NY: 2-day VAR vs. 5-day VAR

Today (Sep 17, 2013) I’m moderating a swap futures panel at the Institutional Investor Fixed Income Forum event in Westchester County.  For those of you keeping score at home that’s two swap futures panels in two days.  We have a great lineup (Citi, Vanguard and CME) but will be one less than expected.  Our CFTC… Read More »

CFTC Proposal to Change Futures Margin Payments May ‘Kill’ Brokerage Model (Bloomberg)

The CFTC is thinking about extending some of its proposed margin rules for OTC derivatives clearing to the futures market. The part that matters here is if they require FCM’s to segregate margin for each client rather than pooling into one big account. If FCM’s can no longer get (and pass on to their clients)… Read More »