Kevin is the head of market structure & technology research for Coalition Greenwich. Below is a sample of his recently published work.

The Digitization of Corporate Bond Issuance | Coalition Greenwich
Corporate bond new issuance is trending downward, following an absolutely blockbuster year in 2021 and a stronger than anticipated Q1 2022. While this
Automation is Coming to the Municipal Bond Market | Coalition Greenwich
Municipal bond markets are ripe for increased automation. The buy side wants better access to liquidity and more transparency, and the dealer
The Role of ESG in Bond Trading | Coalition Greenwich
More than half a trillion dollars of green bonds were issued in 20211, the highest level since the market was defined. This category encompasses both
Retail Investors Want Crypto, but Advisors Face Roadblocks | Coalition Greenwich
Retail investors are talking to their financial advisors about cryptocurrencies. In fact, recent Coalition Greenwich research found that two-thirds of
Equity Trading Systems Continue to Converge, Move to the Cloud | Coalition Greenwich
An Evolving but Mature Market Eighty-six percent of buy-side equity investors in the U.S. use a third-party order management system (OMS). Of those,
Transparency is Coming for Portfolio Trading | Coalition Greenwich
The days of corporate bond portfolio trading estimates are coming to an end. FINRA has proposed and the SEC has approved a new rule (proposed FINRA
Financial Advisors Questioned by Retail Investors on Inflation, Crypto, but not PFOF | Coalition Greenwich
Investment in “wealthtech,” or digital solutions that facilitate wealth management processes, hit record levels in 2021. Demand has been driven by a
Electronification and Market Access Drive Alpha in Asian Bond Markets | Coalition Greenwich
Executive Summary Portfolio managers aren’t the only ones generating alpha. While trading was once only a necessary cost for implementing an
January Spotlight: U.S. Corporate Bond Market Structure: 2021 by the Numbers | Coalition Greenwich
Trading in corporate bond markets was surprisingly steady in 2021, despite macroeconomic factors that would have suggested a much more volatile year.
Unique Markets Present Unique Opportunity for Wealth Managers | Coalition Greenwich
Executive Summary While retail investors have taken to do-it-yourself tools in unprecedented numbers over the past two years, their use of financial
Investing in Corporate Bond Liquidity: The Dealer View | Coalition Greenwich
Liquidity in both the investment-grade and high-yield corporate bond markets has either reverted back to its 2019 state or has improved since the