Market Structure in 2021

I’ve had the privilege of writing and editing a report on market trends to watch in the coming years since I joined Greenwich back in 2013. Over the years it has morphed from mostly my thoughts to a great collaboration of what is just an amazing team of analysts, which has made the process even […]

Emerging Markets Fixed Income 101

Fixed income markets are big, diverse and can be extremely difficult to understand.  Even the largest and most closely watched fixed income markets in the world, US Treasuries and US Corporate bonds, for instance, are impacted by countless factors including investor needs, macro-economics, and regulatory oversight.  But the complexity in those markets pales in comparison to that […]

Technology Has Changed Wall Street, But Humans Are Still In Charge

Technology has fundamentally changed the financial markets over the past two decades. By and large, these changes have been positive – lower trading costs for investors, a reduction in errors, greater transparency and an overall reduction in systemic risk. But recent volatility has reignited a decade’s old conversation about what impact automated trading has on the market. […]