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Controlled Ascent: Microsoft Targets Cloud Computing (Waters)

Microsoft is making a run at financial services businesses, and cloud is a huge part of their strategy.  The more I speak with them the more I realized they can’t be ignored and not all clouds are created equal: Microsoft’s Windows HPC Server, as its cloud computing offering, may still function best on Microsoft or […]

Securities Industry News – StreamBase Launches Developer Community to Advance CEP Innovation

I got a demo and this is pretty cool stuff.  I’m sure we’ll continue to see initiatives like this from financial services focused software firms: “CEP and open source have both seen major adoption in financial services over the past few years,” said Kevin McPartland, senior analyst at TABB Group. “CEP has helped the industry […]

Wall Street & Technology – Sybase Acquires Aleri to Enhance Real-Time Analytics Product Suite

If Aleri was having financial difficulties, Aleri’s competitors and industry observers were not aware of the fact. Mark Palmer, CEO of StreamBase Systems, a CEP provider and direct competitor to Aleri, said in an interview: “Aleri made some moves that should have put them in a good cash position. In the market, the products are […]