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ICE, DTCC to vie for swap data repository supremacy (SNL Financial)

I’m not surprised that multiple firms are competing to be the swap data repository of choice.  This is America after all, so if an opportunity exists (especially one created by government mandate) than several firms will go after it.  However, I’m not sure I get the business model for running an SDR.  Having control over […]

ICE Clear to Offer First Clearing for Sovereign Credit Swaps (BusinessWeek)

I’ve done a lot of thinking about this over the past few months – is it feasible for a clearinghouse to clearing CDS of its members (say, CDS on GS debt) or of sovereign  debt, especially debt of the country where the CCP sits (e.g. ICE Clear clearing CDS on US debt).  Too much wrong way […]

Barclays Capital Rolls Out Electronic Credit Default Swaps Trading (Wall Street Journal)

Execution and clearing mandates for OTC derivative trades are still nearly a year a way by my estimates, but the Street is already getting ready.  While Deutsche Bank and Bluemountain Capital executed CDS trades through Tradeweb and cleared via the CME and ICE, Barclays was busy rolling out its new electronic CDS trading product for […]