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Bloomberg – Fed Fails to Get Swap Users to Accept Clearinghouse Target

The buy side doesn’t want to commit to clearing targets, nor should they have to.  This is about reducing systemic risk, and arguably that comes from the interconnectedness of the dealers.  My comments in the article: Now, some firms may be having second thoughts, said Kevin McPartland, a senior analyst at Tabb Group in New […]

Securities Industry News – Single-Dealer Portals Offer Live Prices to Debt Buyers

Trade directly with your broker or look to a system that consolidates multiple quotes?  There are benefits to each approach, but as things get more electronic in the OTC markets (with or without new derivatives regulations) this question will be front and center for many.  My comments: “It is important to have an individual brand and […]

Securities Industry News – Dealing With the Data Deluge

The guys from Exegy who run the Market Data Peaks website say market data rates will only continue to increase.  I agree – although I’m not sure doubling in 2010 is necessarily in the cards.  Either way everyone needs to be ready.  An excerpt: Data rates will certainly continue to grow with trading firms keeping […]

Securities Industry News – StreamBase Launches Developer Community to Advance CEP Innovation

I got a demo and this is pretty cool stuff.  I’m sure we’ll continue to see initiatives like this from financial services focused software firms: “CEP and open source have both seen major adoption in financial services over the past few years,” said Kevin McPartland, senior analyst at TABB Group. “CEP has helped the industry […]