Europe Raises Concerns About NYSE-Deutsche Börse Merger (NY Times)

I read the paper on the iPad – but I still get a kick out of being quoted in print (see page B6 of today’s NY Times).  But I digress… It looks like the European’s aren’t as into the proposed NYSE/Deutsche Borse merger as the Americans are.  Although details are not yet available, it seems […]

Silicon Valley returns to Wall Street (Financial Times)

NYSE announced recently that they’re launching a cloud computing platform aimed at financial services firms.  I must admit I think they’re on to something.  About a year ago I suggested in a TabbFORUM video that if someone was to create a cloud environment aimed at financial services (ideally with the backing of the relevant regulators) it could […]

The New Buttonwood Tree – Literally

Also posted on TabbForum.com The only thing in the entire 17-acre facility with the letters N-Y-S-E is a small plaque surrounded by buttonwood trees in front of the main entrance.  Even after passing through several security checkpoints, some with good old-fashioned guards and the rest with ID scanners, only employees or the best fintech geeks […]

NYSE's Mahwah data center set to come online, quietly (Bergen Record)

NYSE’s new Mahwah data center is finally set to go live this coming Monday.  It will only be for a few stocks, but after years of working, waiting and talking about the project its exciting to see this big investment (and risk) for NYSE get moving. The only signage noting the property’s high-profile tenant is […]