Podcast Day at Kevin on the Street

Do people listen to podcasts about financial reform?  I hope so.  I’m a regular listener of Planet Money’s podcast, so hopefully that means at least someone might listen to me talking derivatives on their iPod (not that I put myself in the league with Planet Money, but know you know what I mean).

In June 2011 at Sungard’s NY City Days conference I spent some time speaking about what we expect to come relating to OTC derivatives reform and its impact on technology (since that was 4 months ago you’ll be able to see if I was drastically wrong on anything).  And then just last week I spoke with Rob Daly from Sell Side Technology about derivative reform technology and a whole host of other swap execution facility related issues.

On both counts, please let me know what you think (both in terms of content and podcasts in general).

Sungard: Listen here

Sell Side Technology: Listen here


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