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Buy Side OMS and EMS: Integration, Expansion and Consolidation (TABB Group)

This is my latest research report looking at the buy side’s usage of trading technology.  See the press release below, the executive summary at tabbgroup.com and coverage of the study from Securities Industry News and Advanced Trading. NEW YORK & LONDON – (Business Wire) According to new research from TABB Group, the integration of order […]

Power Density: Getting to the Core of the Issue (Securities Industry News)

All of the financial services focused data centers I’ve spoken with have expressed much more concern about running low on power than on running out of floor space.  I’ve seen cages with my own eyes that are half empty because the servers used by the resident require double the power generally available per rack in […]

Packing a Stock Exchange into a Box (Securities Industry News)

Not only does everyone on Wall Street need faster servers, but they need them to also take up less space and less power.  No small order.  This story discusses where “exchange in a box” is feasible. The amount of market data is growing at the rate of 100 percent … every year, notes Kevin McPartland, […]

‘Several Competing’ Clearing Houses Needed for Swaps (Securities Industry News)

I participated in a panel discussion this morning focused on opportunities for execution venues an exchanges created by OTC derivatives reform.  As legislation will likely push standardized OTC products onto execution platforms (not necessarily exchanges mind you), the opportunities for these platforms (many owned by inter-dealer brokers) are numerous.  Securities Industry News covered the event: […]

Securities Industry News – Linux: Big With the Bulge Brackets

I gave a presentation at 8a this morning at a Wall Street Technology Association (WSTA) event, and SIN had a story on their website by time I was back at my desk.  Talk about real-time reporting.  Linux is big on the server side for Wall Street and will only get bigger.  An excerpt: The biggest […]

Securities Industry News – Single-Dealer Portals Offer Live Prices to Debt Buyers

Trade directly with your broker or look to a system that consolidates multiple quotes?  There are benefits to each approach, but as things get more electronic in the OTC markets (with or without new derivatives regulations) this question will be front and center for many.  My comments: “It is important to have an individual brand and […]

Securities Industry News – Dealing With the Data Deluge

The guys from Exegy who run the Market Data Peaks website say market data rates will only continue to increase.  I agree – although I’m not sure doubling in 2010 is necessarily in the cards.  Either way everyone needs to be ready.  An excerpt: Data rates will certainly continue to grow with trading firms keeping […]

Securities Industry News – StreamBase Launches Developer Community to Advance CEP Innovation

I got a demo and this is pretty cool stuff.  I’m sure we’ll continue to see initiatives like this from financial services focused software firms: “CEP and open source have both seen major adoption in financial services over the past few years,” said Kevin McPartland, senior analyst at TABB Group. “CEP has helped the industry […]

Securities Industry News – Derivatives Regulation Could Be Bonanza for Clearing Houses

“The major issues will stay pretty close to what they are in the House,” says Kevin McPartland, a senior analyst at New York-based research firm Tabb Group and author of “OTC Derivatives Regulatory Update,” a report released January 11 on the outlook for derivatives regulation and its impact on the industry. McPartland says clearing houses […]

SIN – Budgeting for Latency: If I Shave a Microsecond, Will I See a 10X Profit?

The trick is to make sure the money being spent to remove delays will be more than reimbursed by the profits achieved in the trading strategy that is improved by it, says Kevin McPartland, senior analyst at Tabb Group. “If I’m spending $1M to get one microsecond faster, will I make ten times what I […]