Validation that Market Structure is Hot

If you thought the world didn’t need more market structure research, you were wrong. Trader’s Magazine did a great job writing up my new role and Greenwich’s plans in the market structure world. They even got some academic backup:

Is there room for another player in this crowded field?  Yes, said Prof. Larry Harris, a finance professor at Marshall School of Business at the University of Southern California. Being able to understand and analyze trends in market structure is getting more complex even as it gains in value to buyside clients, Prof. Harris explained, and if a new player can distinguish itself with its expertise, they will find success in this market. “Assuming that Greenwich Associates makes a substantial research commitment to understanding these markets, as it undoubtedly will, its perspectives will surely add value to its clients’ trading processes,” he said.

I also can’t ignore that they refer to me as an “industry veteran”. While I’m definitely flattered, I feel old now (although that might have more to do with having two kids). Maybe a veteran in this world is defined as someone who has fond memories of the exchange floor before it had a Starbucks?

Nevertheless, if you were curious what our plans were for this business, here you go:

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