Talking to the Swap Execution Facilities

I’ve spent the better part of the last year studying what will become the swap execution facility (SEF) market, how it will be regulated, its players, its impact on derivatives trading.  More recently I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with a number of the industry’s leaders in the space regarding the plans for their organizations and how they believe the final rules should look once passed by the SEC and the CFTC.

I thought it was worth a post to create a single view of these conversations and provide a resource to anyone else looking to understand the new SEF landscape.  So (in no particular order) here they are:

Tradeweb – Lee Olesky, CEO

Eris Futures – Neal Brady, CEO

MarketAxess – Rick McVey, CEO

Javelin – Jamie Cawley, CEO

ICAP – Chris Ferreri, Managing Director

eDeriv – Jason Yoon-Hendricks, Parter

TabbFORUM Derivatives Event Panel – CreditEx, Getco, UBS, Javelin, Eris Futures

There are several more firms and individuals out there that play an important part in the SEF debate, and I hope to have similar “on-air” conversations with each.  Until then, enjoy.

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